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Listing Creators

How can place listings on Islamic Marketplace?

Simply register or log in and then add your listing(s) by clicking the green [+ Add Listing] or just [+] button (in mobile gadgets) at the site header.

Why do I have to accept Bitcoin payments for the listings I place here?

This is a non-profit project with specific goals. Please read Why is Islamic Marketplace a Bitcoin-only Marketplace? for further clarification.

I’d like to participate in this marketplace, but I don’t know anything about Bitcoin and how to accept Bitcoin payments. What can I do?

There are some beginner-friendly resources mentioned in Why is Islamic Marketplace a Bitcoin-only Marketplace.

The fastest way to set up a Lightning address is with Wallet of Satoshi or Muun Wallet (mobile phones) or Alby, if you prefer working in a desktop browser.

If you want to use the same Lightning address on both, desktop and mobile, you can import your Alby wallet into BlueWallet and use your Alby desktop wallet with your phone too.

If you’re located in Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda or Zambia you should consider Machankura which doesn’t even require internet access to send and receive Bitcoin payments.

If you still need help, just reach out to us (see contact infos in site footer).

How long do my profile and listings stay online?

As long as this website exists. You can change or delete your profile or listings whenever you want. You can also hide them, when you’re temporarily not available and unhide them later.

I’ve added a listing but it doesn’t appear anywhere. Why?

We moderate listings, meaning we check if they comply with our terms and conditions. If they do, we publish them. Please give us 1 or 2 days (maximum) time to do so. If your listing is still not published after 2 days, drop us a line at

Within our working hours it may take only some minutes, before a listing is published.

I will not be able to respond to requests for a certain time. What should I do with my active listings?

Just go to your [Listings] (under your user menu) and click on the [Hide] link in each of your listings. When you’re available again, you can unhide them.

This is an “Islamic Marketplace”, why are Non-Muslims also allowed to participate here?

The term “Islamic” doesn’t strictly refer to the beliefs of a listing creator or customer, but to the rules we apply to trade and commerce. Anyone who agrees with these rules is welcome here. We do not discriminate against anyone in any way.

Prospective customers of listing creators

How can I contact a listing creator?

In some cases, the contact infos are within the listing or on the listing creator’s profile page. If not, you can still contact him clicking the red [Reply to Listing] on the listing detail page. You must be registered and logged in to use the internal messaging system.

Can I buy the products or services directly on Islamic Marketplace?

No. You have to contact the listing creator and arrange everything else with him. In most cases they have a website or an online shop or other social media accounts (like Twitter, WhatsApp etc.).

I contacted a listing creator, but he said he doesn’t accept Bitcoin payments. What do I do?

This is a clear breach of our Terms and Conditions. You can point it out to him, you can tell us to point it out to him, and if he still doesn’t correct his behavior, then unfortunately we have to delete his account.

I can’t find a way to contact the listing creator. What do I do wrong?

Check, if your registered and logged in. Only logged in users can contact listing creators via the internal messaging system.

I’ve contacted a listing creator but haven’t heard of him since. What can I do.

Please give them time. If you still haven’t heard of him/her after 2 days, contact us at

Do you track or record internal messages between a listing creator and his/her respective customers?

No, not at all. Your messages are forwarded as plain emails to the recipient. From there the recipient can reply with his email program. We keep no tracks or logs about the messages our users send to each other.

I am registered here as a normal user, but now I also want to publish some listings. Do I have need a dedicated account for that?

No, you can just start posting listings with your existing account. The only difference between a prospect customer and a listing creator is having listings published. Otherwise, both are done with the same account.

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