To avoid misunderstandings: doesn’t sell anything. Adding a (business) profile and listings of products or services is completely free of charge. We just require our merchants and service providers to accept Bitcoin as a payment method for the listings they place.

Otherwise we do not interfere in the businesses of merchants and service providers. It is completely up to them how they set their prices, how they communicate with their customers and clients and how they ship their products. We do not dictate what hey do, nor do we audit their business in this regard.

With that being said, as Muslims we try to keep our businesses as clean and halal as possible. We want to avoid Ribaa and its traces as much as possible. When we buy our food, we look into the ingredients making sure it doesn’t contain any pork or alcohol. The same way we look into the ingredients of fiat money. And interest (Ribaa) is essentially baked into fiat currencies (credit for this comparison: Bitcoin Majlis Twitter Space on 05. March 2023).

If you want to know how much other currencies are linked to Ribaa, please read Bitcoin Majlis’ How Bitcoin Can Help Muslims Follow the Teachings of The Quran.

As a merchant or service provider, I don’t know how to accept Bitcoin payments via Lightning. What can I do?

The fastest way to set up a Lightning address is with Wallet of Satoshi or Muun Wallet (mobile phones) or Alby, if you prefer working in a desktop browser. Here’s an easy how-to on how to quickly get a Lightning address with Wallet of Satoshi.

If you want to use the same Lightning address on both, desktop and mobile, you can import your Alby wallet into BlueWallet and use your Alby desktop wallet with your phone too.

If you’re located in Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda or Zambia you should consider Machankura which doesn’t even require internet access to send and receive Bitcoin payments.

As a customer or client I don’t own any Bitcoin or Sats. What do I do?

It’s not hard to get some Sats (1 Bitcoin = 100 million Sats). To get into the topic, we recommend reading How to Start Saving in Bitcoin. And also check their other resources. Other useful howtos are:

And here is a list of exchanges by country where you can buy Bitcoin.

As a merchant or service provider I also accept other payment methods. Can I still place my products and services here?

Yes. The main thing is that you accept Bitcoin/Sats for the products and services you post here. Because our visitors expect to pay you in Sats. What other currencies you accept elsewhere is none of our business.

I’m not a Muslim. But I also accept Bitcoin/Sats. Can I still place listings here?

Yes, as long as you accept our terms and conditions you’re very welcome to register and place your listings here.


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