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Ethical Website Creation Cover Image

Ethical Website Creation

Ethical Website Creation is a way to create websites that take into account all the rights of the user and actively protects them, through the choice of technology or method of implementation.

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Targeted at Muslim Web Developers and Muslim Business Site owners!

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What is Islamic Marketplace?

A community with high standards

No fraud, deceit, counterfeiting. All merchants and service providers have only fairness and customer satisfaction as their goal. And should something still go wrong, the marketplace operator will personally take care of it. No bots or call centers.

Open for all

Islamic Marketplace is not only for Muslims. Anyone, regardless of religion or belief, who accepts our terms and conditions is welcome to join and participate here.

No discrimination.

No exploitation of merchants

Unlike other marketplaces, we don’t take commission or minimum charges per sale. Transactions are a matter between the listing creator and the customer.

It is completely free to join here.


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17 Listings
New and used products from private and professional sellers
21 Listings


21 Listings
Service providers (Cleaning services, Developers, Consultants, Health Services, Tax and Legal advisors etc.)
3 Listings


3 Listings
List and find masjids and mosques in your town

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“I just beta tested this Bitcoin-only platform and I bought some coffee from a Muslim brother in Canada! This was so satisfying to use. As Muslims start to realize that the dollar is completely based on riba, they’ll resort to using Bitcoin. It’s inevitable.”

Muslim Bitcoiner

“Cool, I’ve had a new logo created. 🤩
Via the bitcoin-only platform @Islamic Marketplace
And I’ve paid for it in Bitcoin. This is the way. Thank you 🙏”

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