You can now get a Nostr verification, using NIP-05, here at Islamic Marketplace. For those who don’t know what this is: it’s like the blue check for 𝕏, except you don’t need to pay nor disclose your phone or credit card number for it.

If you are a registered user, just message us with your desired Nostr name and your Nostr public key and we’ll create a verification for you inshallah.

Screenshot of Nostr setting

Your nostr nip05 address then becomes [the name you’ve chosen]

For the techies: This is simply done with the Nostr Verify plugin. After installing, it adds 2 additional fields on the user profile page as shown in the screenshot above.

You can choose any name and add the user’s nostr public key (npub) in hex format. Use a tool like to convert npub to hex format.

After saving, it generates a JSON response file for nostr clients like this:

According to this example the nostr nip05 address, which you can enter into any nostr client, is:

How the verification looks like in a Nostr client


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