Data Analyst | Business Intelligence

Data Analyst | Business Intelligence
Availability: 5 Days

Hi Bitcoiners!

I am an industrial engineer with 4 years of experience as a Business Intelligence Specialist in the finance sector – 2 years in a Cryptocurrency startup and 2 years in Traditional Finance.

My experiences include:
1. Building data visualizations (Bar Charts, scatter plots, heat maps, tree maps, histograms , boxplots, bubble charts and maps)
2. Creating dynamic dashboard (daily,weekly,monthly)
3. Assessing marketing campaigns (clicks,installs,penetration ratios)
4. Data cleansing and pre-processing
5. Analyze information to discover trends, patterns
6. Building machine learning models

BI Stack: Tableau, Power BI, Branch and Mixpanel

I also have a programming background, where I have built websites, created web scraping scripts, designed machine learning models and built AI bots.

Programming stack: Python (Flask), Javascript (VueJS) and R language

Let me know if there is an interest in collaboration, would love to work with you and grow this space together!

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