If you are a service provider and offer your craft at Islamic Marketplace, this article is for you.

You can create your listings the boring way and just rattle off what your service consists of or you can try to go different ways. Instead of writing “I’m doing this, that and the other,” why not show what you’ve already done? Because what you’ve successfully completed before, you can credibly do again and again. This is the reason why employees like to see portfolios of their job candidates. Actually, you could use your profile page as a portfolio site and showcase your previous works.

An interesting portfolio-like listing could contain

  • Screenshots of your recent project
  • If the result can be seen somewhere on the internet, a link to it
  • A brief desciption of its requirements, its features and the production process, especially if the customer was somehow involved in it.
  • The completion time of this project, so that potential prospects have an idea of how long it might take if they contact you for a similar project.

It also has technical advantages when you create your listings this way. Instead saying “I design logos”, you say “I have designed a logo for a car company” which is of course much more specific and also serves corresponding search queries on search engines. Because if someone is looking for a logo designer, there are plenty of them on the internet. But if someone is looking for designer who knows specifically about car logo design, the field narrows and your listing has a better chance to be found and noticed.

Technically speaking, our marketplace listings are just extended pages or blog posts. They have titles, an image (or galeries with multiple images), tags for categorization and a large text field. Plus a price tag. So go ahead and use it as any post type as you want, get creative!

If you want to see an example listing of mine where I used this style, see my listing Large magazine and newspaper websites with individual design.


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