Let’s assume, you are just starting a business. And you already reserved a good domain name at a domain registrar. But you either didn’t have the time or didn’t have the means to set up or have a website set up for you.

Setting up a profile at Islamic Marketplace and adding some listings of your products or services is free of charge and requires relatively little time. But a profile page at IM comes with a disadvantage: it has a long URL (Internet Address).

Something like https://islamic-marketplace.com/profile/[your-profile-name]/

An address that barely fits on a business card and is also difficult to dictate to write down. And you want to print on your business cards your reserved internet address, where maybe later your own real website will stand.

There’s an easy technical solution to this:

Redirect your Domain to your Profile Page at IM

Nearly every domain registrar gives you access to your DNS configuration. To redirect your domain, you just need to add 2 entries in your DNS configuration:

Name  Type  Value                                                     Prio  TTL
      URL   https://islamic-marketplace.com/profile/[your-profile]/   301   3600
www   URL   https://islamic-marketplace.com/profile/[your-profile]/   301   3600

The code 301 in the ‘Prio’ field stands for ‘Moved permanently’. Now save these entries and wait a while until a DNS servers are updated and synchronized. Usually this takes less than an hour, but can also take up to 24 hours depending on your location and registrar.

Real Example

I’ve done this with our mosque’s profile. I’ve reserved the domain name moschee-meschenich.de for it and redirected it to its profile. The DNS entries look like this:

Screenshot of DNS entries

So if you call moschee-meschenich.de, it immediately redirects to its profile page at Islamic Marketplace.

After setting up your own Website

“What if I managed to set up my own website after some time and I don’t want this redirection anymore?” you may ask. Well, just delete those 2 entries, save the configuration and all should be as it was before.


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